High Temperature Sterilizer

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Product Specification

 AC: 220V-240V  50Hz    
 Overpass the CE authentication 
 Highest temperature:230℃ 
 Used to kill bacteria on tools with high temperature 
 Applicable for Nail Salon, Spa, Hospital, Dental,etc.  
 Plug: EU Plug , UK Plug(optional)
 With handle,easy to pick up. 
 Using Method 
 - Please use the machine in ventilated environment,the same as after it has been used.  
-  Things should be dry without liquid when put inside to sterilizer,if the sterilized things has ingredient of mental,must make sure the mental can bear high temperature. 
- Power socket at the back of the machine,and fuse box is under the plug jack.Please use something pointed to open the fuse box which under plug jack when want to replace fuse. 
- The left knob is for temperature regulator,if setting up the temperature 100℃,the lamp "1" will be light.When the temperature over than  
- 100℃ the lamp will be turn off,and the lamp will be light again when the temperature return back. 
- The light knob is for "ON/OFF"and the time regulator.When the machine on,the lamp "2"will light. 

Package Includes:

1 x High Temperature Sterilizer 

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