INTCO 20pcs Kids Disposable Nitrile Protective Gloves Safety Anti Bacterial Stains Droplets Glove

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Health Care
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Product Specification

  Main Features:
  ● Non-toxic & no odor
  ● Universal design for left and right hands, suitable for baby to choice
  ● Nitrile material soft gloves, which makes children wear more comfortable and will not fall off.
  ● 2 codes are available. There are XS size (7-12 years old) and S size (over 12 years old) optional.
  ● Small and portable.
  ● Prevent stains, chemical penetrations, bacterial and viral from contact transmission.

 Brand: INTCO
 Product name: Childs Kids Disposable Protective Gloves
 Material: Nitrile latex
 Type: Powder-free
 Color: Blue
 Quantity: 20 pcs/box
 XS: recommended for children aged 7-12, 5cm-6cm(width of the palm)
 S: recommended for children over 12 years of age, 6cm-7cm(width of the   palm)
  Package Contents
 20 pcs / box Kids Disposable Protective Gloves