Car Ozone Sterilization Lamp Rechargeable Ultraviolet Mask Refrigerator Disinfection Light Portable Mini For Home Office

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Product Specification

 Product name: Purple light ozone sterilization disinfection lamp

Type of sterilization: UV, ozone

Purple light power: 2.5W UVC

Use area: 1-2 square meters

Battery capacity: 800MAH lithium battery

Rated voltage: DC5V 1A

Product material: wood, acrylic glass products, electronic components

1P level: 1P20

Executive standard: GB 19258-2012

1. Ozone Sterilization Disinfection Lamp. Double disinfection,efficient sterilization,long-acting bacteriostasis.
2.  Shortwave UVC ultraviolet + ozone strong oxidizer. Double guarantee, safer sterilization.
3.  Crossing obstacles, sterilizing without dead angle. Realize sterilization without dead spots through gas transmission.
4. Easy to use, safe evacuation in 30 seconds. After lighting the work indicator, 30 seconds will be reserved for you to evacuate safely, and then the germicidal lamp will enter the sterilization state.

 Instructions for Use:

1. Press and hold the key, the working indicator light flashes for 30 seconds, and then the UV lamp lights up. After 30 minutes of disinfection, it will automatically shut down.

2. The red charging indicator lights up when charging, and the charging indicator goes out after the battery is fully charged.

3. During the disinfection process, short press the key to turn off the UV lamp.


 1. When the germicidal lamp is in use, people, animals and plants must leave the scene! Do not look directly at the ultraviolet light source to avoid damage to the eyes and skin caused by ultraviolet rays. ,

2. When sterilizing in a small space, close the closet door, cabinet door, and washing machine to allow oxygen ions to fully sterilize.

3. When the mercury-containing lamp tube is broken, it is necessary to open the window for more than 15 minutes; when the product is not in use, it should be treated separately from domestic garbage.

 Package Included:
 1 X Ozone Sterilization Lamp
 1 X USB Charging Cable