Portable OLED Pulse Oximeter Finger-Clamp SPO2 Finger Blood Oxygen Saturometro Heart Rate Monitor Oximeter for Healthcare

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Product Specification

Description :  

Portable Pulse Oximeter Finger-Clamp SPO2 Finger Blood Oxygen Saturometro Heart Rate Oximeter for Healthcare

Feature  :

 Bright OLED Display And Multi-Direction Display
 - Advanced dual OLED display technology helps user get a brighter & sharper from pulse oximeter.
 - Also user can see Pulse Rate bar graph and Plethysmograph in this OLED display.
 -  Four direction display can allow user to view conveniently the tested result in any direction.
Accurate And Reliable :
- Fingertip Pulse Oximeter can accurately determine your SpO2 and PR after clinical and professional tests.
Fast SpO2 readings, pulse measurements and display it conveniently on a large digital bright OLED display.
Alarm And Pulse Rate Sound :
- When detecting your pulse, the pulse oximeter will make sound which indicate pulse beating rate.
 - If your pulse rate and SpO2 in a irregular condition, the pulse oximeter will make a alert to warn the user.
 - Also you can set the limit by yourself and whether to enable the alarm sound effect.

Lightweight And Easy To Use :
- Light and compact, accommodates wide r-ange of finger sizes.
User only need to put your finger in the finger pulse oximeter tested chamber, the result will be shown in 8 seconds.
 - In the absence of signals, the product would shut down automatically after 8 seconds.

Specification :

Material : ABS
Color : Black
Weight : 28.8g
Size : 58 x 36 x 33mm
Batteries : 2 x 1.5V AAA Batteries(Not Included)
Display Mode : HD Two-Color OLED Screen
Use Environment:
Operating Temperature : 5℃~40℃
Storage Temperature : -10℃~40℃
Ambient Humidity : 15% To 80%When Working; 10% To 80% Storage
Atmospheric Pressure : 86kpa~106kpa
 Measurement Accuracy : ±1BPM Or ±1% Of The Measured Value (Larger Value)
Power Consumption : Less Than 30mA
Package Included : 

1 x Finger-Clamp Pulse Oximeter(Not Included Batteries)